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Functional Health Summit


If you are wondering why I am promoting health issues, you can stop wondering. Quite literally, , if you don’t have your health, all the self help programs in the world mean nothing at all and I am a prime example of this: I have stage 4 neuroendocrine cancer and may have as much as 2 years to live.  Please note that any affiliate payments to this website will be donated to the DAV (Disabled America Veterans). They have been incredible help in getting treatment and help from the VA (Veterans Administration}

FYI: I have also taken the Ken Wilber’s SuperHuman 2.0 program in an effort to make the last 2 years of my life to be the best 2 years of my life.

I will tell your more about Ken’s program and my plans for the next 2 years is a future blog post.

Life is too short

live big

This has become far too apparent to me in the past few months. Please stop by later this week so that I can tell you what is going on in my life and what may be radical changes in this website. Wealth Success Reviews is my proud baby but with all things change must come and I need your help in making these changes.

To the Evolution of Consciousness


Powerful Free Webinar from Andy Shaw-Bug Free Mind

abfm-nl-40I recently viewed Andy Shaw’s free Structured Thinking Webinar and feel that it really helped me with some personal problems that I have been going through recently.  There are only a couple of days left to view the webinar and I highly recommend it. Just click here to register-You will be glad that you did.

You may have noticed that I have done very little with Wealth Success Reviews recently. I have already written to my list members to tell them of my personal problems and in a few days, I will post the info for the rest of my readers what is going on so that you understand. Please make sure to come back in a few days as I truly want you to understand my current situation and why it is affecting this site.

Financial Disclosure: while I am an affiliate of Andy’s programs, I am currently not accepting any affiliate payments.  All proceeds from this site are being donated to the Vietnam Veterans of America:

Special Offer on Alan Tutt’s New Avatar

My friend Alan Tutt is finally nearing completion on the Avatar project that he has been working on for the past 2 years.  As he completes this project, he is making a special offer for early adopters as he wants feedback on the project.  Please click here to visit his Avatar information page.  The content on that page alone is enough on it’s own to help you create the life you dream of.

Financial Disclosure: Although I am an affiliate of Alan, all profit from this project will be donated to charity.

Mastering the Law of Attraction-new ebook by Andy Shaw

My friend Andy Shaw has just created a new ebook and MP3 audio on Mastering the Law of Attraction.  You can click here for a free download. The book and audio are based upon using his Bug Free Mind process to make the LOA work for you.  In addition, if you click here, you can register for Andy’s webinar on using structured thinking to find you own inner genius. It will be held in early December and I expect that it will be quite powerful.

Financial Disclosure: Please note that I am an affiliate of Andy Shaw and normally would receive a commission should you choose to buy through my links. However, because the Vietnam Veterans of America have been there for me when I needed them, I am planning on donating any profit to the VVA.ORG

Mind Power MP3 Today Only Summer Sale



I usually try to give my readers when something special is coming up but I only just found out about Mind Power MP3s one day only summer sale a few minutes ago.  Anyway, I personally find the combination of beautiful music with subtle Brain Wave Entrainment to be exactly what I need. I have always been an avid listener of primarily classical music and would be listening to it anyway.  What I really enjoy about Mind Power MP3 product is that the BWE although quite powerful still does not interrupt the music for my listening pleasure. Kind of the best of two worlds.

Anyway if you are interested in some beautiful music and powerful BrainWave Entrainment at a surprisingly affordable price, the click on the banner above or Click here to see this amazing sale.

Financial disclosure: obviously, I am an affiliate of Mind Power MP3 but I am also one of their most avid fans.

Hypnotic Stress Relief Gift



Karl Moore the creator of the Hypnosis Live website is having a special relaunch of his hypnosis site and to celebrate this launch he is giving away a full length stress relief hypnosis session, his best selling book “18 Rules for Happiness” plus a 10% discount on any of his other 200 plus hypnosis titles.

I like Karl’s work and it compares very well with the work of Steve G Jones and Alan Densky and at the price of free, it is certainly worth trying out.

Click here to register for your freebies from Hypnosis Live and remember if you should happen to buy any of his other hypnosis products, I will make a commission on those sales.

Create Your Dreams with Alan Tutt’s Free Avatar Kickstart Program

My friend and mentor, Alan Tutt is currently putting the finishing touches on his new “Awaken The Avatar Within” program which promises to be his ” Grand Opus”-the culmination of 30 years of research, practice and experimentation in real world techniques to create the life of your dreams.  I have been privileged to have been involved in following Alan’s work on this project since the very beginning and “Avatar” promises to be like nothing you have ever seen before.  No more Law of Attraction pseudo-science, useless affirmations or impractical visualization techniques which simply do not work in the real world.

Avatar is based upon the power of belief, willpower and imagination which, if applied properly, can truly create your ultimate life of your dreams. You may have noticed that a major part of the program is willpower.  If you have been reading any of the other gurus in personal development recently, you will have noticed that they tell you that willpower is limited and that you cannot depend upon it.  However, in a recent national survey of the world’s leading psychologists, they all came to the same conclusion: willpower is the single leading factor on determining who will be successful. Avatar is real science, not the typical Law of Attraction nonsense.

In order to introduce you to Avatar, Alan has developed a free 7 day free course which is so powerful on it’s own that you might need nothing more to create the life of your dreams.

Click here for more information and register for the free Kickstart Avatar mini-course.

According to Alan: “By itself, this 7-day kickstart program will help you get better results from all of your manifestation efforts.  In fact, you COULD use what you get in this program as a complete system for manifesting your desires.  Nothing else is required.

Financial Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Alan Tutt and may receive a commission should you choose to purchase the full “Awaken the Avatar Within” program.

ZEN 12 for Meditation

Click here to get the free part one of the Zen 12 meditation system.

every single level of the full Zen12 program comes in FOUR different flavors?

The brainwave science remains the same in each. But the background sounds change. You just listen to the one that matches your mood.

So you might want to listen to relaxation music, with its blissful spa-like sounds. Or listen to a soothing, guided meditation session, narrated by Karl Moore. (Hope you don’t mind a British accent!)

You might prefer the sounds of nature. Or the fuzzy sounds of white noise, which helps block out background distractions.

Just select whichever ‘flavor’ you’re in the mood to listen to, and listen. It really is that simple.

You know, the brain tends to ‘tune out’ of regular brainwave meditation programs quite quickly.

But not Zen12. With its twelve levels, and four flavors, you have forty-eight possible meditation sessions to choose from — all delivering amazing and unique results, all in just twelve minutes.

Want to sample some of these other flavors?

You may wonder why after nearly 50 years of meditation practice that I am all of a sudden having problems with meditation and find this simple little program to be so useful. Well here is where it gets ugly. I started back at the VA to get medical treatment because I did not feel that my civilian doctor was treating me properly and it turns out that I was correct.  The first thing they found was skin cancer (now completely cured) that my former doctor had missed. In fact, they found a number of things that needed treatment and have done very well for me. Physically, I am now in the best shape of my life.

However, something surprising happened.  Going back to the VA (Veterans Adminstration medical facility) acted like a trigger for a problem that I  had had for nearly 47 years-PTSD. Suddenly, it was just like it was when I first returned from the “Nam” with all of the symptoms of full blown PTSD-flashbacks, hyper-sensitivity and so on. As a result, my meditation practice went down the tubes but at least the Zen 12 seems to be helping with my meditation practice.  PSTEC had previously helped me but this time was somewhat more severe.

The VA is also giving me great support and support is exactly what I need right now.