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Threshold Subliminal Review-Subliminals That Actually Work

If you’ve tried Subliminal MP3s and haven’t found any success using them, then I have something really special to give you.

Threshold Subliminal MP3s Offer a Whole New Approach to Rapid Personal Change. Standard subliminals force you to spend untold hours listening to a strange tone or a boring nature sound with Unknown Suggestions / Affirmations SUPPOSEDLY buried underneath.


Threshold Subliminals are very different. They soothe and entertain you with beautiful music, as they inject positive affirmations into the subconscious (unconscious) mind. The affirmations are just ABOVE the Threshold of Consciousness, so if you listen carefully, you can hear them. This method actually makes the Affirmations MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE!

Please note that Alan is not the only one who finds silent subliminals lacking in effectiveness.  Alan Tutt uses a similar techniques in his Embraces Belief Entrainments and Mike Brescia also uses a similar technique in his highly popular Think Right Now audio albums


Download a FREE Stress Release Threshold Subliminal MP3 as our gift to you!

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Back in Business

As you may very well know, WSR was hacked and was down for a couple of weeks.  Well we are back and plan on making WSR even better than it was before. Please leave a comment if there is anything special that you would like me to review in the areas of wealth, success and self-fulfillment. In addition, I have created a new site. which is a new site for teaching the best practices in personal development and positive psychology.

Free Brainwave Entrainment Album

mp free album


As you well know I am a big believer in Brainwave entrainment and, in fact, have several thousand hours of BWE audios. Among my very favorites is the work of Mind Power MP3s as they combine BWE with beautiful music in a special way that allows you to enjoy the music without being distracted by the BWE tones. Occasionally, Mind Power MP3s will offer a free complete album to introduce their product to you.  If you simply click on the banner above, you will get a free download of Contemplation Stimulation Classical Peace. I am sure that you will enjoy this beautiful music and find that the BWE is quite powerful. Just Click the banner above. This particular album is said to:

  • Increase your brain’s processing power
  • Help you achieve extraordinary levels of performance
  • It is also said to even counteract the effects of aging

Financial Disclosure: Please note that I am an affiliate of Mind Power MP3s and may receive a commission should you purchase any of their paid products.

Do You Really Know Yourself? Personality Test



I came across this short little personality test while surfing the net and found it to be quite interesting and for me I also found it to be quite accurate.  It is based on the original work of Dr. Carl Jung and Katherine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Brigg Myers during World War 2.  It was originally designed to help women who were entering the industrial workforce for the first time to identify the sort of war-time jobs where they would be “most comfortable and effective”. Today, such tests are used for individual and relationship counseling, career planning, employment selection and development.

The iKnowThyself personality test aims to help individuals  achieve success in the areas of self development. There are 16 types of possible personality combination, theiKnowThyself personality test breaks down and help the individual to discover which type he/she belongs through a series of descriptions that were developed for psychological type testing.

Click  here to take the iKnowThyself test

Financial Disclosure: I am an affiliate for this test and may receive a commission if you purchase any of their paid products.  Currently, I am not familiar with any of their paid offerings nor have I reviewed any of them. However, I found the test to be quite interesting and informative.

Please note that at this time, I have only taken the free test. I plan on taking the paid offer at some time in the future and will give you a complete review at that time. 

Warning Warning-Buyer Beware

Searching For Wealth and Success – Beware the Deadly Sales Page

When looking for success, wealth and self fulfillment programs, typically the first point of contact for you will be a sales page. With a sales page, sometimes you can judge a book by its cover. There was a time when new programs in field of self-help were rare and you would not often see new programs coming onto the market. However, since the movie and the book “The Secret” came out, internet marketers have made this the hot new niche and there are new programs coming out on an almost daily basis and your first point of contact with these programs is typically going to be a sales page. If you read a sales page carefully, you can get a lot of good information about whether it is worth following up on these programs.
Here are a few tips on evaluating a sales page to see it as it is worth trying out a new self-help program or e-book.
First are they just simply promising too much. Most of the programs are based upon Law of Attraction and one of the promises you commonly hear is that all you have to do is follow the 10 natural laws and you will achieve limitless wealth and success with no work on your part. They will tell you just sit back and visualize yourself having success and it will automatically become yours with no work and no action necessary on your part. They would have you believe that you can get by doing nothing and achieve success. This is patently false. We still live in a three dimensional world and if you are going to achieve success and wealth then you are going to have to take action and work for it. Although you will hear all kinds of promises of checks arriving in the mail totally out of the blue, you can be sure that the best thing you can do at this time is to close the sales page and run for cover. I am a follower of the Law of Attraction and what I have found is that by following the Law of Attraction, I will be presented with opportunities to achieve my desired intention. To be successful, it is up to me to follow up on these opportunities and through doing this I will achieve the success I desire. When you run across a sales page like this, realize that this is simply over-hype and this program or e-book will likely do nothing for you.
The second thing I look for myself page is the overuse of cliches. You’ve heard them all- thoughts are things, is the glass half empty or half full and more. Actually when I read comments like this I usually decide that the glass is half full of hot air. Internet marketers who do not really understand the Law of Attraction will often rely on overused clichés. It is far easier to use a cliché than to actually prove the value of your product. One of the newest clichés that I hear is “scientifically proven.” Unfortunately, they never give you any actual proof that the program is scientifically proven. The overuse of clichés is symptomatic of an Internet marketer who has ventured too far out of his field and has to rely on cliché’s rather than actual proof or data. When I see overused clichés, I typically will close the sales page at this point.
Another clue that the product might be worthless is the use of unverifiable testimonials. Sometimes you will see 10, 20 or 30 testimonials to prove the value of the product. Although some testimonials are worthwhile, it is simple to write a fake testimonial. I rarely trust testimonials unless they contain the actual name and contact information that I can use. Typically, testimonials used for poor products do not contain any reasonable contact information. Internet marketers heavily rely on testimonials. Read them carefully and you have to decide if there is any value to the testimonial. If it looks like the testimonial was fake then shut down the sales page and look elsewhere.
Sometimes, sales pages are disguised faked review sites. Obviously, if the marketer went to the work of building a fake review site then you know that this e-book or program is not worthwhile. Once again, time to close your browser and move on to something else.
The final things I look for is some sort of guarantee. Does the site belong to one of the verification programs like the Better Business Bureau or does it least use a payment processor that backs up the products that it sells. In this case, I am referring to payment processors like ClickBank or PayDotCom. At least, with these payment processors if you don’t like the product it is a simple and quick refund process. I am not saying that this is a must but, this is the one of the things that I look for. I have heard too many horror stories about people trying to get refunds on products that they have bought off of the Internet. Being a member of something like the Better Business Bureau or using a good payment processor that has a fair return policy is a good indication that a product is worth while.
I usually don’t like to use
clichés but I’m going to close with this one:
Buyer Beware